Reflections on my Journey to Europe

I learned how to be a better advocate for myself by working with the school to create a schedule that allowed to work on my project while receiving feedback from my professor. I also made it easier to take care of my apartment by cooking the same types of meals so I could maintain stability in my lifestyle. Simplifying my schedule by going to the gym at the same time, cooking familiar meals and making cleaning a weekly routine all help to give me more time to focus on my work.

If I were to give someone advice on how to successfully get through their first trip abroad, I would tell them that they are responsible for being their best advocate and to be persistent at it! It is important to make your friends and colleagues respect your boundaries because they may be from a different culture and have a different perspective on how to treat people which could make you feel uncomfortable. By being vocal about your attitude and needs you can create substantial friendships and practice healthy behaviors.

Having the opportunity to live and travel on my own has let me grow substantially as a person. I am proud of the new community of friends I have made and I now know I have the ability to set up roots in a new place without fear of being isolated. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to explore the world on your own and be an advocate for your own personal identity.