People of the World

Although Nepali parents also wanted safety, stability and opportunities for their children, they believed they already had more than enough conditions for happiness in life, just as things were.

As English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, travelers and partners, Josh and I believe in the power of travel. We also believe in a world without borders, and we believe in the power of technology to transcend borders and form diverse connections across the globe. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have had the brief opportunity to connect students from Spanish Class 801 at the BGLIG with our English Club students in Jupapina, just days before we had to leave the country. Making student-to-student connections such as this is something that Josh and I have grown increasingly passionate about over the course of our career as educators. It is something we will strive to do more of in the future.

We hope that connections such as these can help all of us realize that our cultural differences are indeed what make the world a more colorful, interesting and exciting place to live in. No matter how many differences we are able to discover, there will always be opportunities to find common ground through our shared human experience. In the end, whether we are Bolivian, Vietnamese, Nepali, or American, we are all people of the world.