Evelyn's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Seoul South Korea

Join me on my journey to Seoul, South Korea! Land of K-pop, kimchi (a spicy pickled veggie dish), insanely fast internet and a rich history interconnecting world cultures from all around East Asia.


This month has been very eventful for me in Korea. I have adjusted well to the Korean lifestyle and have made myself at home in Seoul. I also started taking weekend trips out to explore more of Korea.


When studying abroad, I've met many other international students from different cultures. Sometimes our perspectives clash and we don't agree. It's important to keep an open mind and learn new things.

Field Notes

Hangul Day is a national commemoration of the creation of the Korean writing system. In 1446 King Sejong created an alphabet, so that the common people could express themselves!


In April, I ventured outside of Seoul into the countryside in the city of Suwon to see Hwaseong Fortress.  I also had a chance to visit a Harry Potter themed cafe to get my wizard training!