Rangoli Art!

Have you ever heard of Rangoli before? Rangoli is a type of traditional art that I often see on the sidewalk in India while I am walking around the city. I am excited to show you how it is made!

Alex's Journey to Spain

Hola! Hello! I'm Alex and I am studying in Salamanca, Spain. I have always wanted to take my Spanish skills across the ocean and now I finally can! I can't wait to share this journey with you!


The Dutch have a number of interesting holidays. Keep reading to learn more about a beloved celebration in the south of the Netherlands!

Bryndzove Halušky

Bryndzove halušky is the national dish of Slovakia. Learn all about it's taste, how to make it, and the history of it here!

A Community Fit For Me

Here's a little insight on the many ways I've grown to connect with my host community.

Trying the Apfel-Creme-Plunder

This week, I tried an Apfel-Creme-Plunder, a German food that combines pastry and apples, two staples of German cuisine.

Getting around Germany

From U-Bahns to S-Bahns to Regiobahns, let's take a look at the many kinds of trains and trams that take people around Germany.

Food in the U.K.

London is a very multicultural city, so you can find any food you want here. However, there are two traditional English dishes that I really wanted to try: fish and chips, and an English breakfast.

Bunches of Buses

The main way that people get around in Barranquilla is by bus. The main bus system is called Transmetro but there are also many other types of buses in the city too.

A Smoke-Filled City

Pollution is a serious problem in the capital of Mongolia. The people of Ulaanbaatar are trying to fix it by reducing the need for people to burn coal to stay warm all winter.

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