Brazilian Food

Brazil is full of delicious and rich flavors! They have many bakeries, where you can find fresh breads and pastries, and they have a lot of fresh fruits! Let me tell you about the delicious food!

Reflecting on 10 Months in Mexico

In less than a month, my time in Mexico will officially be over and I'll be headed toward new adventures back in the USA. I've had a fun and challenging time south of the border.

How the communities in Cape Town allow the city to thrive

Cape Town is a thriving city. With it's very limited resources on water, it has a large amount of services to take care of and maintain, such as solid waste and services for poor communities. 

The Parana Pine

I'm going to show you what plants and animals are here in Curitiba.

Até Mais (Until Next time)

Happy summer everyone! As our Journey together comes to an end, I couldn't miss the chance to reflect on all the places we've been together and where we go from here.

Fútbol vs. Football

Have you ever wondered what a classroom is like on the other side of the world? I recently met a group of sixth graders in Honório Serpa, Brazil that will help us answer that question.

Signing Off

While I have several more months left in Malaysia, this is the end of the road for us. The first five months of my adventure here have come with many lessons, and I loved sharing it all with you!

Journey Farewell

This week I say goodbye to you and to Tallinn. My last days in this beautiful country were something special! How would you say goodbye to a place you love?

Rain, Rain Go Away

Summer is coming and that means one thing: rainy season!

Meet Cornelius!

Come meet my friend Cornelius! Learn more about his daily life at school in Malaysia.

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