Weddell Sea Expedition

Current Location

Larsen C, Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Hi, I'm Holly! Join me on an expedition to the Weddell Sea off Antarctica. I will bring you along as we attempt to solve unanswered questions about this remote area.


I have moved into a new home for seven weeks, and it floats! The S.A. Agulhas II is a modern polar research vessel. Let's look at life onboard the ship in the Weddell Sea.


We are currently on our way to the Larsen C Ice Shelf and A68, which is an iceberg that's 2,240 square miles in area, or seven times the size of New York City! What do we hope to learn from A68?

Field Notes

Getting around Antarctica is not very easy, and it requires a lot of exciting, unusual modes of transportation. That's part of the excitement of expeditions! 


It was incredible to connect with so many classrooms across North America on Friday, and we loved talking with you all about the Weddell Sea Expedition 2019!