Stephen's Journey to Singapore

Current Location


Join me on my journey to Singapore! Singapore is unique because the entire country is a single city on a very small island, and yet it has so much to offer. Let's explore together!


This week is our fall recess from school, so I have a whole week off of classes to go on an adventure! I decided to spend the week in Ao Nang, a beach town on the coast of southern Thailand.


I am currently studying abroad in Singapore, but I think learning a little more about my interests will help you understand how I ended up 9,000 miles from home!

Field Notes

Singapore is often described as a melting pot of various ethnic and religious groups. There's no better way to experience the city's multiculturalism than taking a trip to a hawker centre for lunch!


During my trip to Thailand, I took a speedboat tour of some of the islands surrounding Ao Nang, including the Phi Phi Islands, Bamboo Island, Pi Leh Bay and Viking Cave. Plus, there was snorkeling!