Niecea's Journey to the Czech Republic

Current Location

Lanškroun Czech Republic

Hello! My name is Niecea Freeman and I teach English in a small town in the Czech Republic. This is my first time living abroad in Europe and I can't wait to share my adventures with you! 


Last week I wrote about my funicular ride in Budapest, Hungary. I spent more than just one day in that city, though. Check out this week's Logbook for more of my adventures!


Thank you guys for all of your hard work. Dobrá práce! Well done! I have enjoyed sharing all of my stories from the Czech Republic with you and will miss writing to you every week.

Field Notes

Sometimes the natural world we live in can be a part of life in a big city. In Karlovy Vary, a popular city in the Czech Republic, hot mineral water bubbles to the surface, creating hot springs!


High school in Czechia is unique. Students pick what they want to do for their career as early as 15 years old. Lucy decided she wants to be a vet. Watch this video to see the school she chose!