Miranda's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Segovia, Spain

I'll be studying Communications in Segovia, Spain from January to May. I look forward to what this semester abroad teaches me and to what I will be able to share with you!


This weekend I had my first adventure outside of Segovia when a friend and I traveled to Seville. Doesn't a city where the streets are lined with orange trees sound amazing?


Like in the U.S., many different religions are practiced and celebrated in Spain. This week I decided to try out a church in Spain. It was enlightening!

Field Notes

From the everyday weather to specific features of the city, Segovia is a pretty unique place. Coming from Texas, I'm getting used to all the snow and climbing!


This past weekend I got a chance to explore the famous Cathedral of Segovia and a palace in the neighboring city of La Granja. Come and join my adventure!