Miles' Journey to Taiwan

Current Location

Tainan City, Taiwan

Hello! I'm Miles Iton, a graduate student studying at Taiwan's National Cheng Kung University. I'll be exploring this incredible country for the next two years, and I'm so glad you can join me!


For my first New Year's Eve celebration in Taiwan, I followed some friends to the beachside city of Kenting. Weather and harsh waters aside, the trip set the stage for a fun 2019 to come. 


Had I been asked a year ago where I would be when 2019 began, I will not have guessed the other side of the globe. After four months of living in Taiwan, now there's no place I'd rather be!

Field Notes

Taiwan is just as chock full of planes, trains and automobiles as anywhere else. The travel customs here, though, are definitely unique. Learning to get around also involves learning cultural habits.


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