Matthew's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Granada, Spain

¡Hola! I'm Matt and I will be studying in Granada, Spain this semester! I am looking forward to this adventure and to sharing my experiences with you all. ¡Vámonos!



This past week was fantastic! Here in Granada there was not one day of bad weather! While I was in Córdoba and Seville over the weekend, the sun was out, and it was close to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Living in Granada has been quite the change, and it has been very eye-opening. I have already learned so much about the culture, and I am excited to learn more as I continue my stay here!

Field Notes

Here in Granada, the environment I live in has a rich mix of culture that has been created by both past and present impacts.


I spent a weekend in Tangier and Chefchaouen! I had an incredible time and really enjoyed the unique features of Morocco!