Kirsten's Journey to Cyprus

Current Location

Pano Polemidia Cyprus

Join me on my journey to sunny Cyprus! I'm thrilled to be teaching English, exploring the island, learning all about Cypriot culture and sharing my experiences with you.


What a week! Traditional family meals, holidays (American and Cypriot!), and my first trip abroad since arriving in Cyprus. Are you ready for a busy week? Ναι! (That means, “Yes!”)


It’s hard to believe how quickly these past twelve weeks together have flown by! Let's reflect on where we've been and all of the adventures we've shared— and where we're headed next...

Field Notes

Communities around the world share many of the same needs and face many similar challenges. Can you think of any needs your community has that Cypriots may share, too? I can! Let's learn more...


After meeting Anna, wouldn't you like to know more about Cypriot kids' lives? Look no further! This album will give you a sneak peek into both ordinary days and holidays at my school. Ζήτω ("Hooray")!