Jeffrey's Journey to El Salvador

Current Location

San Salvador, El Salvador

Hello! My name is Jeffrey, and I'm from Midland, Michigan. Right now I'm studying human rights and healthcare in El Salvador, and I'm excited to have you along for the ride. Let's explore together!


I've just picked my parents up from the airport today, and we've spent the day on a nearby beach, on the Costa del Sol. Tomorrow we're off to El Pital, the highest mountain in El Salvador!


Land development is often justified with one perspective and fails to consider those who are most affected by it – what happens when we consider their perspective as well? 

Field Notes

Pupusas aren't just an amazingly delicious national food of El Salvador; they represent friendship, warmth and love amongst friends and even strangers in El Salvador. 


A compilation of our time at the Empire Music Festival, sharing music for the first time at an international music festival! Enjoy some staged but also more candid photos capturing our time!