Elizabeth's Journey to Indonesia

Current Location

Bali, Indonesia

This year I will be living in Indonesia while studying geothermal energy for my Fulbright Research Grant. I will live primarily in Bali and Bandung and I'm excited to have you join me on my journey!


I began my Indonesian journey in Bali. I have been living in Canggu taking Bahasa Indonesia classes for the past two months. Bali is a beautiful island with temples and natural sites!



Around the world people have different perspectives. From these perspectives, we can learn more about and develop our own outlook on life. 

Field Notes

Seventy percent of the Earth is covered with water, yet we know so little about what is beneath the surface. Join me in learning a little more about this underwater world!


Every day for the past few weeks I have been attending Bahasa Indonesia language classes at Wisma Bahasa in Yogyakarta. I've been learning the local language very quickly and loving my lessons.