Brianna's Journey to Panama

Current Location

Barro Colorado Island, Panama

Join me on my journey to Panama, where I will be tracking animals that live on the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution's island in the middle of the Panama Canal. 


This was our most productive week in the field yet! Our goal every week is to download data from each of the 26 animals we are tracking, and this was the first week that we managed to get them all.


There are 22 resident scientists living on Barro Colorado Island right now, but not all of them study mammals. Let's find out what other researchers are up to on the island.

Field Notes

Most days I go into the field, I am joined by my partner Alexis. Over the past month that I've been in Panama, we've had a great chance to get to know each other and become good friends!


Researchers don't usually get to spend all of their time in their field study sites, so we have lots of work to do when we're on Barro Colorado Island. Take a look at some of my tasks for this week!