Arianna's Journey to Georgia

Current Location

Tbilisi, Georgia

Hey! My name is Arianna Ruiz. I am currently continuing my studies for my bachelor's degree in biochemistry while I am living in Tbilisi, Georgia. I am excited to share my journey with you!


I have been living in Tbilisi for about three months now. Even within such a small amount of time, I have made many memories. Here is a quick summary of my weekly adventures.


I don't know a lot about the world, but I will do my best to learn what I can while I am young.

Field Notes

Tbilisi is the largest city in all of Georgia, but even within this concrete jungle area few pieces of natural art.


When I arrived in Tbilisi, I decided to volunteer at my local animal shelter. Over the past two weeks, I was asked to take care of four abandoned kittens. This has been one of my best experiences yet.