Araya's Journey to the United Kingdom

Current Location

London, England

Join me on my journey to the United Kingdom! I am currently studying in London, and I can not wait to share my adventures with you!


This weekend, I went on a field trip with my university to Cornwall, a small coastal city in the far southwest corner of England. I got to do some pretty amazing things while I was there!


In order to understand why London and I are going to be a great fit, let me tell you a bit about how my love of theater and dance inspired me to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Field Notes

London is a very multicultural city, so you can find any food you want here. However, there are two traditional English dishes that I really wanted to try: fish and chips, and an English breakfast.


In one of my last posts, I talked about my trip to Buckingham Palace and shared a few pictures. I thought I'd upload a couple of videos here so that you could watch some of the ceremony as well!