Araya's Journey to the United Kingdom

Current Location

Yorkshire, England

Join me on my journey to the United Kingdom! I am currently studying in London, and I can not wait to share my adventures with you!


I recently had the chance to travel to Yorkshire, a region of England with an interesting Viking past! It was incredible to walk amongst so much history and beauty. Let's go!


Have you ever heard a lot about something, and then when you actually experience it for yourself, you're surprised to find out that it's nothing like you heard?

Field Notes

I spent most of my fall break traveling around Europe, visiting beautiful cities and famous sights. Almost everywhere I went, there was a beautiful garden to escape into for peace and quiet.


In one of my last posts, I talked about my trip to Buckingham Palace and shared a few pictures. I thought I'd upload a couple of videos here so that you could watch some of the ceremony as well!