Anna's Journey to Estonia

Current Location

Kääriku, Estonia

Join me on my journey to Tartu, Estonia, a small university town where I conduct research and explore Estonian culture, from folk songs to kama to wooden saunas to potato salad.


My first week in Estonia flew by in a blur. From walking the coblestone streets to eating in four new cafes to going on a hike on the Emajõgi river: Tartu managed made a memorable first impression.


A whirlwind review of the first 24 years of my life and a quick description of the next year of my life, which I will be spending in Tartu! 

Field Notes

Estonia has a reputation among foreigners for being "meat and potato country", and although the country still relies on old culinary traditions, the industry is now more diversified and flavorful. 


This weekend, I went to Kääriku, a small sports center in the countryside of Estonia. My colleagues and I went for two days to hike in the wilderness, walk the lake, and visit a traditional sauna.