Anna's Journey to Estonia

Current Location

Tartu, Estonia

Join me on my journey to Tartu, Estonia, a small university town where I conduct research and explore Estonian culture, from folk songs to kama to wooden saunas to potato salad.


I was fortunate to travel to Belgium for a conference on cybersecurity, so I had the opportunity to explore the historic cities of Brugge, Ghent, and Brussels and learn more for my research.


It has been such a joy to share my stories of Estonia with you! This country is full of love and light (especially during the Holiday season) and I hope someday to hear that you have seen it too! 

Field Notes

The Tartu Koduta Loomade Varjupaik, or the Tartu Animal Shelter, rescues and houses stray and wandering animals in Tartu, providing a much-needed service for the city's inhabitants. 


Estonians are full of holiday cheer - they are already starting to decorate for Christmas! Since Estonians do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I cooked a turkey for them to share in American culture.