Alyssa's Journey to Samoa

Current Location

Upolu, Samoa

Hi! I'm Alyssa, and I am currently studying abroad in Apia, Samoa where I am studying social and environmental change in Oceania. Are you ready to explore these beautiful Pacific islands with me?


I recently visited the To-Sua Ocean Trench and swam in the Pacific Ocean. I swam alongside a sea turtle and saw other animals like sea cucumbers, giant clams and colorful parrotfish!


Everyday life in Samoa might seem very different from life in the United States, but living in another country  helps you see all the things that you have in common with other people around the world!

Field Notes

Samoan culture emphasizes a communal way of life. Many of the customs and traditions are based on faith, family and music. Read on to find out more about Samoa’s unique cultural traditions.


In addition to participating in lectures during my time in Fiji, I visited several villages and explored the surrounding landscapes. Follow along on my journey to the island of Fiji!