Yun's Journey to the United Kingdom

Current Location


Hi, I'm Yun, and I am studying in one of the world’s fashion capitals: London! It is a multicultural city with a rich history. I am excited to share this British journey with you!


So far in London, I've tried a full English Breakfast, Fish and Chips and Shepherd's Pie. I've also now seen much of the city and taken in some world class art. And like a Londoner, I use the Tube!


All good things come to an end and leave people with a range of feelings. No matter how hard we try to ignore it, we still have to say goodbye, eventually. But we will always have the memories.

Field Notes

To maintain a beautiful and functional city, there are many different services that keep the environment clean or help visitors make the most of their time in the London. I describe two here...


I have been in the U.K. a little bit over a month now. It is very exciting to explore different places in the U.K.both in London and outside. Let me share more about my experiences with you!