Yesenia's Journey to France

Current Location

Bordeaux, France

Join me on my journey to the city of Bordeaux in France! I'll be studying at the Université de Bordeaux for a semester, and together we can explore French culture and what it's like to live abroad.


Bonjour! I was so excited to commence my first day of class today! I took my French oral language test and had some other classes! I can't wait to share all about my day with you!


Au revoir (farewell) my friends! It has been such a great pleasure to be able to share this wonderful experience with you all! 

Field Notes

France is a very environmentally friendly place and the culture here has already influenced me to be more mindful about my everyday habits.


I was beginnning to miss some aspects of home. As a UC Santa Barbara student and Los Angeles native I'm used to seeing the beach and sun so often. So I decided to take a trip to the city of Marseille.