Veronica's Journey To Jordan

Current Location

Amman Jordan

Hi, I'm Veronica! I'm so excited for you to join me on my adventures in Jordan and throughout the Middle East. Together we'll explore the cultures, languages and incredible history of this region.


Egypt is in North Africa. I visited there while on my fall break from classes in Amman. Egypt is famous for ancient pyramids and temples, famous mosques, old Coptic churches and bustling markets.


Living abroad can be hard because of language barriers, cultural differences and feelings of helplessness at certain times. Read on to learn how I manage to integrate into my new community.

Field Notes

Camels are very important in the Middle East for trading, transportation, entertainment and their meat!


These are pictures from the Dead Sea. This is where I went the day that we video chatted. Many Arab families like to go here for the weekend. The videos are examples of some tradional Arab music.