Taylor's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Arenys de Mar, Cataluyña

Hola! Hello! My name is Taylor Stauffer and I am working with doctors to study a disease called Crohn's disease in Barcelona, Spain. I can't wait to take you on this journey to Spain with me!


This week I spent time with friends enjoying local food, hiking and hanging out. The best part of the week, however, was my adventure up Mount Tibidabo. Read on to follow the adventure!


When somebody integrates into their community, it means that they get to know about the people, food and way of life where they live. Below I give you an idea of how I am integrating into Sarrià!

Field Notes

Arenys (pronounced like "ah-renge") de Mar is a unique town that has mountains, but is near the beach. Do you prefer the mountains or the beach? If you can't decide, then Arenys is the perfect place!


Some photos from my weekend in the mountains at my host family's ranch.