Sonia's Journey to Chile

Current Location

Santiago, Chile

Hola! Hello! I am living in Santiago, Chile for a year to do research about creating a culture of data usage and school improvement in Chilean public schools. Let's explore together!


For the last two weeks, my barrio, or neighborhood, has been in total quarantine, meaning we have to get permission to leave, but I've found joy in the little things!


What are my thoughts after five months of living in Chile?  What will the second half of my year be like?  Read on to find out more about my reflections!  Thanks for joining me on the journey!

Field Notes

Read on to learn a little bit about how the education system in Chile works, how it's similar to our system in the U.S., and what its current challenges are. 


To give you an idea of what school is like in Chile, this album consist of photos from different schools I visited for a project I did in 2018. What do you find similar or different to your school?