Shannon's Journey to Malawi

Current Location

Lilongwe, Malawi

Hi! I am a medical student working on cervical cancer research in Malawi! I am excited to tell you about my work and my travels in this beautiful country. Thanks for joining the journey!


Read about my fun week in my host city, Lilongwe! Some highlights: The weather was very hot, an interesting bug visited my house and I went to a race and a concert.


After traveling for one and a half days, I finally arrived in Malawi! I learned that the people are very friendly and welcoming. I met friends and found out some differences about my new home.

Field Notes

Malawi celebrates Mother's Day in October! Here, kids have off school for the holiday, and they give their moms unique fabric as gifts!


Learn more about the animals I saw on safari across the border in Zambia! I love The Lion King and Madagascar...and it was so cool to see my favorite animals in person -- unbelievably up close!