Scott's Journey to China

Current Location

Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Tag along with me during my semester in Hong Kong, an independent region that is a part of China. My semester will be spent at the Hong Kong University of Science and Techonology (HKUST)!


This week's logbook is about my trip to the city of Hanoi and the surrounding countryside of Vietnam. Click here to learn more about my experience.


The total amount of time I'll spend in Hong Kong is 118 days. That may seem like a lot of time, but I'm already nearing the halfway point of my time abroad. Click here to find out how I'm adjusting!

Field Notes

What's nature like in an area as populous as Hong Kong? It's not as sparse as you might think! There are some surprising animals roaming around Hong Kong's urban streets.


In this album, you'll find a mix of the exciting events that took place in Vietnam and my adventures in Hong Kong from the month of October.