Sara's Journey to Brazil

Current Location

Pato Branco Paraná Brazil

Hi! My name is Sara, and I'm thrilled to have you join me on my journey to Brazil! We'll taste delicious food, see amazing sights and get to know a community in southern Brazil. Let's go!


Bom dia! Welcome to our first logbook. These logbooks will give you reports about life here in Brazil. You will learn about food, weather, nature and important news. Let's get started!


It's time to say goodbye! I'm so thankful that I got to share my journey in Brazil with all of you. Até mais! (See you later!)

Field Notes

Hi! My name is Rebeca, and I am eight years old. I'm excited to talk to you about my life in Brazil!


Today, we are going to visit the supermarket. I need to buy some yummy food to eat this week. Can you add up the prices of each product so that I know how many reais to pay to the cashier? Let's go!