Ryan H's Journey to France

Current Location

Paris, France

Hi! I'm Ryan, and I hope you'll join me in Cergy, France this semester as I explore French culture, study computer engineering, pick up new hobbies and meet interesting people. 


The "Everything is Completely New!" article describes the logistics and biography of my host city: Cergy, France. I hope you find this town as interesting as I do!


Sometimes it takes a little while to get comfortable when you move to a new home. Moving to a new country can also be tricky in some respects, even though you are, like me, happy to be here!

Field Notes

Have you ever been to the world's largest art museum-the Louvre? If you haven't, catch a glimpse as I show you around in this article!


Please scroll through my photos to see a glimpse of Paris's history and atmosphere! In the upcoming weeks, I will make sure to explore museums and famous pastry shops!