Ryan H's Journey to France

Current Location

Cergy, France

Hi! I'm Ryan, and I hope you'll join me in Cergy, France this semester as I explore French culture, study computer engineering, pick up new hobbies and meet interesting people. 


The "Everything is Completely New!" article describes the logistics and biography of my host city: Cergy, France. I hope you find this town as interesting as I do!


As France continues to shape my experiences, please read this article to see how I've changed over these couple of months and how I continue to evolve as a better person.

Field Notes

Not feeling well in a new country scared me as much as leaving home. Since I became sick twice within one month, this article recalls my experience and how I navigated France's healthcare system.


Every six weeks, my school here grants us a two-week break. I took this opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, with my classmates. Enjoy!