Ross' Journey to India

Current Location

Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India

My name is Ross and I am traveling to Bangalore, India, to learn about waste collection! Join me on this awesome experience in a city of 10 million people!


I have been in Bangalore now for just over two weeks. I have seen many things, including sewage treatment plants, markets, rivers, hills and temples. Bangalore has a lot to show me still!


As our program has come to a close, here is my last journal entry! Before leaving Bangalore, Torie and I had one more task to do: a treasure hunt! 

Field Notes

This Field Note is an introduction to the history of lakes in Bangalore!


My time in Bangalore is coming to an end soon! My team and I are working very hard to finish our final project. We were able to enjoy one last trip out of town before this last week of work!