Rachel's Journey to the Netherlands

Current Location


Hi! My name is Rae Herman and I am conducting neuroscience research in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am very excited to share my experiences in this wonderful country with you all!


Though this week was rainy and windy, I still managed to explore through lots of the Netherlands and, even more importantly, got to eat lots of delicious food along the way!


My ten weeks with Reach the World are coming to an end, so it is time to say goodbye! I hope that you enjoyed reading about my time in Amsterdam, I have had a great time sharing it with you. Farewell!

Field Notes

So far, you have heard all about the Netherlands through my eyes. Now let's talk to my Dutch friend Stefan about hs life in Amsterdam!


Since sunny days are rare in Amsterdam, whenever it is warm, everyone goes outside! The availability of public green spaces like these botanical gardens are a wonderful part of Dutch culture.