Quincy's Journey to Nepal

Current Location

Kathmandu Nepal

Hello! I'm Quincy and I will be studying the Tibetan and Himalayan communities in Nepal and India! I believe this experience will be exciting, challenging and life-changing. Thanks for joining me!


Classes in Kathmandu, Nepal have ended. Now I am in New Delhi, India. I have experienced so much already. Check out this entry to learn about what I have been up to!



My time here in Nepal is coming to an end. Join me for a final reflection on the challenging, blissful and life-changing experiences I have had on this journey, thus far. 

Field Notes

I am so excited and happy to introduce you all to my advisor at iProbono, Ankita Goswami. She has shared with me a great deal of knowledge. I hope you enjoy the interview I conducted with her!


This past week, I finally took some time off from my studies and decided to explore New Delhi. I was blown away by the unique architecture and history of New Delhi. I hope you enjoy these photos!