Traveler Bio

Hallo, ich heiße Olivia! Hello, my name is Olivia! I am 21 years old and grew up in Muncie, Indiana. I normally go to college just a few hours away from there at Indiana University, but I have been lucky enough to study in Berlin since January. I chose Berlin mainly because I'm learning German, but also because I've always been fascinated with other cultures. I'm even majoring in international studies, which basically means I'm able to learn about new places and their history all the time!

For fun, I love to read, paint and listen to music. I especially love to be in nature, which is why I worked in Yellowstone National Park last summer! Berlin also has a lot of nature to explore, like the huge Tiergarten Park and the Spree River. I miss my three younger sisters, cat and parents a lot, but I am so excited to be in Europe and share my journeys with you all. I look forward to getting to know you all from across the pond (which is a fun way of saying across the Atlantic Ocean)!