Integrating into the local community

Sydney Australia
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Journal Entry:

Integrating into the Ozzie lifestyle was initially terrifying! When I landed in Australia, the first thing that confused me was the direction of traffic. Cars here drive on the left side of the road, whereas in the United States, they drive on the right. My uncle greeted me at the airport and got me adjusted to the transit system. Here in Sydney, trains and ferries are the main mode of public transport, as well as buses. All forms of public transportation use an “Opal card” – a small, gray card that you tap onto a reader to get on the bus/train/ferry! Using this system was scary at first, especially alone! It was sometimes confusing to navigate my way around, especially since everything was unfamiliar and it was even hard to pronounce some of the station names (e.g. “Illawarra, Wolli Creek, Barangaroo”) However, now, a few months later, and I feel right at home hopping on the train into the city!


I live in an apartment with four other women who are attending university at Western Sydney. I have my own room with a small twin bed. I love the space! Developing my morning routine was slightly difficult at first. It was tough to adjust to not having a car to get to the grocery store, the gym, work, etc. But I adjusted!