Kindness above sadness: the landscape of homelessness in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia
49.282729100000, -123.120737500000
Journal Entry:

Vancouver is a wonderful city filled with scenery that anyone would be happy to put as their laptop screensaver. Nature and good food are what hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the city to experience. I love all of those things too, but now living in Vancouver, I think it's important to show you the parts that most people don't mention. 

Homelessness is a more visible problem in Vancouver than in the rest of Canada because of its geographical location in the Pacific Northwest. Here, the climate is much milder than the rest of Canada, making it an ideal place to relocate to in Canada for the thousands of homeless people that exist in the country. Unlike anywhere else in Canada, they are less likely to suffer from hypothermia in the dead of winter or suffer from heat stress in the middle of summer. Homelessness is an unfortunate reality for any city in the world, and it is important to note that these people are not to be shamed or feared. They have often suffered from many problems early on in life outside of their control and unlucky circumstances to bring them to a difficult situation in which they do not have the ability to afford a place to live.