Nicholas' Journey to Australia

Current Location

Sydney, Australia

Hello! I am an island boy studying on an even bigger island for a semester in Sydney, Australia! Let's broaden our perspectives in the land down under together!


So what exactly do I do in Sydney each week? Let me show you the highs and lows of my week as I try to make the most of this journey on the other side of the world.


This isn't a "goodbye," but rather a "see you later." My experiences in Australia have been some of the most memorable journeys of my life and I will cherish them dearly. Thank you for joining me!

Field Notes

The trains and metro system would not be what they are without the individuals who pride themselves on ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Let's investigate!


Australia is such a big, beautiful country. Being able to see some of Australia's immense natural beauty has greatly enriched my time here, and I'm happy to share it with you!