Nelleke's Journey to China

Current Location

Shanghai, China

Hi! I'm Nell, and I'm so glad you'll be joining me as I study in Shanghai, China! Let's explore as many of China's cultural treasures as we can... sound good? There's so much to do. Let's go!


This week I went to the Chinese capital, Beijing. It was amazing to see the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City and the king’s palace. There is so much to see, so let's go!


Not only are there differences between life in China and live in the U.S., there are also differences within China. Where you were born can make a big difference in your opportunities in society.

Field Notes

Marriage is different in every culture. China has such a rich history and many of the historical traditions are still practiced during wedding ceremonies.


In Nanjing, I got to see performances by Chinese dancers. You can tell by their attire, props and style of dance that this is a Chinese folk dance. They were even dancing on a boat!