Natalie's Journey to Italy

Current Location

Rome, Italy

As people say, "All roads lead to Rome!" At least mine did. I'm Natalie, and I'm so excited to share my experiences in the magnificent Italian capital with you! Let's go!


My first week in Rome was exciting! I spent most of my time walking around and exploring on foot. I loved seeing the ancient Roman ruins, unique buildings and artistic fountains!


Integrating into the culture was exciting because of the connections I made to my studies! Read on to learn how I came to feel at home in Italy!

Field Notes

Walking, taking the bus, and riding the metro are the three most utilized methods of transportation in Rome!  Read on to learn a bit more about all three options!


I visited the Villa Borghese, and It was one of my favorite places in Rome! This gallery has some of the most famous Italian pieces of art of all time!