Michelle's Journey to Belgium

Current Location

Brussels, Belgium

Let's venture into Belgium! Should we visit a cathedral, tour the Palais de Justice, or tour the European Parliament at the Parlamentarium? There's so much to do, so let's get started!


I loved traveling to Dinant because it was the first city that I visited after landing in Belgium. I went with three friends from college and we had such a great adventure eating cookies and boating.


Moving from the U.S. to Belgium has been a unique experience. Belgium is a country with totally different foods, languages and customs than the U.S., yet I am starting to feel so at home here.

Field Notes

When I'm exploring the outdoors in Belgium, it sometimes feels and looks like I'm in the United States. There are tons of people, dogs and parks, and there are also bees!


The climate and scenery in Belgium is very similar to that of the United States, but I love to walk through the streets of Brussels and Europe to admire the historic buildings and beautiful artwork.