Melati's Journey to Indonesia

Current Location

Halo, apa kabar (Hello, what’s up)? My name is Melati and I’m in Indonesia for nine months to study fishing communities and coral reefs. Let’s explore southeast Sulawesi together!


The journey continues...  I have landed in Southeast Sulawesi!  I'm finally in Indonesia!


What does a scientist study in Indonesia?  Fish!  Read on to learn about the story of my life up to this point and the start of my journey.

Field Notes

A Siberian bird that spends the winter in Sulawesi, or a fish that can walk on land? I couldn’t decide which you’d like to hear about more. So here’s an article about both those animals!


This evening, I asked some of the kids in my neighborhood in Kendari to fill you on life here. Here's their answers. I think you can learn some Indonesian from the video, too!