Lauren's Journey to China

Current Location

The Peak, Hong Kong

Come with me on my journey to Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China! While in Hong Kong, we'll be surrounded by so much food, culture and adventure... I can't wait!


Living far from the city makes life a bit different but really nice! In the New Territories, nature feels like a scene out of Jurrassic Park.


Although my time in Hong Kong has come to an end, I would not trade a minute of it for anything. I got to form new connections with some incredible people and packed some precious memories!

Field Notes

Hong Kong has come into focus worldwide recently because it is at a pivotal point in its history. I have been able to witness some of these events that may change the future of this country.


I was privileged enough to take a short trip to Bangkok, Thailand to see a Buddhist temple called Wat Pho, the Grand Palace and an archery competition! What a great trip to enjoy a new country.