Traveler Bio

Hello! My name is Laura, and I am a fifth-year student at the University of California, San Diego where I'm double majoring in political science and urban studies & planning. I'm originally from San Diego, California, where I like to walk on the beach, get tacos from a nearby taco shop and hang out with my family. Upon graduating, I hope to have a career as an urban planner developing affordable housing for low-income families.

I love languages, and I'm currently fluent in both Spanish and English. I hope to gain fluency in Arabic. I did not take any Arabic courses before I left to study abroad in Morocco, so I'm starting Arabic as a beginner. I hope to continue my studies in the language after graduating because learning new skills is something I'm passionate about. I hope to encourage students to also pursue their dreams despite their financial circumstances. I'm a first-generation college-going student from a low-income background who managed to find financial support through scholarships to pursue my dreams. So can you! Let's start our journey together!