Traveler Bio

Salaam (Hi), my name is Laura! I am 23 years old and am originally from Denver, Colorado. In my home state of Colorado, I love hiking and being outdoors. For college, I moved from Colorado to Granville, Ohio where I studied psychology and sociology. I also took French classes and wanted to learn as much of the language as possible so I could connect with cultures that are different from my own. 

This led me to apply to a program called the MENAR (Middle East North Africa Region) Fellowship. I was fortunate to get to work for a travel company called Experience Morocco and spend a year living and working in the lively city of Casablanca, Morocco. The chance to work for Experience Morocco, bring authentic Morocco travel experiences to life, and share my new home with other visitors was a life changing experience and a dream come true.

In my free time in Casablanca, I loved exploring the city with friends, enjoying sunny weather at the beach, and learning to cook some of my favorite Moroccan recipes. My year in Casablanca was filled with learning new things, connecting with new friends and places, and practicing new languages. I’m so excited to get to know you and to share more about my time in Morocco!