Kevin's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Tokyo Japan

Hey there! My name is Kevin, and I've been learning about business and culture in Tokyo, Japan. Follow along with my journey as I make pottery, drink tea, and make new friends along the way.


I'm a long way from Texas! I had a quick layover in Taipei where I enjoyed some fresh beef noodle soup, and then I finally arrived in Tokyo. Let's see how my first week goes!


What is a community? I see a community as a network of people, all connected to one another. Let's see how I managed to form a new community from scratch during my time in Tokyo!

Field Notes

When you think of Japanese food, what dish appears in your mind? Sushi, takoyaki (octopus) and onigiri (rice ball) are all great, but nothing beats a hot bowl of ramen on a cold night.


Enjoy this video that I took throughout the course of a day in Kamakura, a coastal town that was central to the Japanese shogunate (hereditary military dictatorship of Japan from 1192 to 1867).