Kaylee's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Greifswald Germany

Hallo! Hello! Join me on my journey to Greifswald, Germany as an Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Gymnasium. Let's explore this incredible country together.


This week I took a trip to a nearby fishing village. It was a treat to get to see the sea, and there were so many new things to explore there: from seafood to sailboats to sandy beaches! Take a look!


It has been wonderful sharing my adventures with you all over the last few months! And I hope that, just maybe, my experiences in Greifswald will inspire you to plan your own your trip abroad! 

Field Notes

Greifswald is located near the Ryck River and the Baltic Sea. Both of these environmental features have played a very important role in the city's past, and they remain strong presences to this day.


Did you guess I was going to London for Spring Break? I was so excited to take my first solo adventure to London for ten days last week. It was great to be in a place surrounded by so much history.