--Katherine's Journey to Tajikistan

Current Location

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Join me on my journey to Tajikistan, a mountainous country on the ancient Silk Road in the middle of Central Asia. I live in the nation's capital, Dushanbe.


This week I participated in a 13.1-mile race (or, in kilometers, which is how people here measure distance, 22 km). How long do you think it takes to run that far?


Being a girl in Tajikistan can be a lot harder than being a girl in the United States. Why would you imagine this to be the case?

Field Notes

How do you keep dust off the streets of a desert city? Hire a battalion of full-time sweepers, of course.


I made a few 360-degree videos of my trip to Fahrobod, a vacation spot in Tajikistan's green southern hills. Ardasher, our friend Esther and I walked in the hills and ate lunch.