Traveler Bio

Szia (Hello)! My name is Kate. I am 22 years old and, while I was born in Germany, I moved to Washington D.C. when I turned 14. I love living in our nation's capital. The architecture is beautiful, there are tons of free museums to visit on weekends, and it's nice to be at the center of United States politics. After high school, I went to the University of Virginia. There, I studied finance, although I became more involved with our school's entrepreneurship program. I was also very active in student government on Grounds (that's what we call our college campus).

When I graduated, I had no idea what to pursue as a career. I was passionate about a lot of things but felt overwhelmed by the choices. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to receive a U.S. Fulbright Research grant. Over the next year, I will be living in Budapest, Hungary and making a documentary about Hungary's politics. My goal is to travel across the country and interview as many people as I can about their perceptions of Hungary's political future. I know this is very different from the subject I studied in college, but I'm excited to learn new skills and even more excited to have you all along for the ride!