Katherine's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Germany

Hi! My name is Katie, and this year I will help students learn English in Mallersdorf, Germany. Join me as we explore Germany's history and culture together!


The winter break is almost over for German schools. I spent the last few days of winter break going to the zoo and visiting some friends in Munich.  



One of the things that really surprised me about Germany was its school system, which separates children into three high schools. Then, talking to students, changed my perspective on the schools.

Field Notes

 Fasching is a carnival tradition celebrated around February in southern Germany. During Fasching people wear costumes, eat candy and have parades.


Here are photos of local transportation, covering a trip to an arts and crafts store, some famous landmarks in Marienplatz and the mining exhibit at the Deutsches Museum--all from a trip to Munich!