Karan's Journey to India

Current Location

New Delhi, India

Hello! I'm Takhar, and I'm excited for you to join my journey to India. While here, I will be investigating India's move towards cleaner forms of energy. Let's take this journey together!


This week I visited Bombay, which is India's largest city. Bombay is the financial capital of India and also the home of Bollywood. I found myself standing outside the house of actor Shahrukh Khan! 


Farewell, fantastic sixth grade classroom of the Brooklyn STEAM school! We've shared an amazing experience, and I hope we stay in touch!

Field Notes

This past weekend, I visited Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas. During the trip I went on amazing hikes and also had really nice drives through the mountains. I can't wait to share this with you!


Indian weddings consists of four main events, including the Sangeets, which translates to "musical party," a Mendhi, where the women apply mehndi (henna designs), the ceremony and the reception.