Kacey's Journey to Colombia

Current Location

Santander de Quilichao, Colombia

Buenas, amigos! Hi, friends! I'm Kacey, and I'm excited to share my journey in Cali, Colombia with you. I have enjoyed such a warm greeting here and look forward to sharing this culture with you!


Here's a little bit about this past week in Cali, Colombia! I attended a festival, saw a new animal for the first time, went on an intense hike and made one major change in my life here!


In this journal, I'll share some different perspectives I've encountered here in Colombia. From greetings to attitudes to eating lunch, I've noticed some ways that Colombian culture differs from ours.

Field Notes

For this Field Note, I interviewed a Colombian friend of mine from my university, Damaris. From this interview, we can see a little bit what a day in her life is like.


Did you know that Cali, Colombia is considered the world capital of salsa? Dancing is a major part of the culture here. So what does it look like to live in the capital of salsa? Let's take a look!