Traveler Bio

Bonjour! Hello! My name is Halymatou Camara, and I am studying international relations and French because I love the language and working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I went to an international high school where I made friends from different countries. I loved learning about their cultures and how/why they do things the way they do.

I live in New York City, where I have the opportunity to learn about cultures outside of mine. I find this to be very valuable. My favorite hobby is cooking and I always make sure to learn how to cook a dish from each of my friends' cultures. I currently live with friends from India, and for fun, we learn how to cook dishes from each other countries. I love to bake pastries and bread because I enjoy sharing them with them in the evening as we talk about our school day. I look forward to sharing more about my journey while inspiring you to plan a journey of your own!

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