Frida's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Barcelona, Spain

I'm Frida, and I hope you'll join me on my journey to Spain! I am studying at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and I'm excited to explore this incredible city and culture together.


For most of this week, I spent a lot of time traveling to Spain. I took three airplanes to get to Barcelona. My journey began in Arizona, where I took a plane to Texas, London and finally Barcelona. 


Recognizing different perspectives is very important, especially when you are living somewhere where the culture and customas are different from what you are used to.  

Field Notes

Barcelona is a good place to live. There are many shops and restaurants to visit, as well as activities to do in your spare time. The city is beautiful, too!  Meet Carolina, who lives here!


I was just in Milan, Italy, and while there I also took a day trip to Turin, Italy. Milan is a beautiful city. Turin is about a two hour busy ride away from there, but it was worth the journey.